Baita Walser Reale

A typical walser hut 350 meters from the ski lifts and 250 meters from the heart of Alag

The charm of a hut at the foot of Monte Rosa!

Stone and wood, the two elements of Walser's ancient architecture, revive in the refinement and quality of the Baia Walser Reale in Alagna Valsesia.

Located at the foot of Monte Rosa, between the mountains and the uncontaminated nature of the Valsesia, Baita Walser Reale is the ideal place for a vacation of tranquility and pure relaxation.

In this unique environment, our facilities promise to give you unforgettable moments!

Alagna, the tourist capital of the Valsesia,

It is a typical alpine village that still retains the pleasure and quality of life in the mountains.

A stone's throw from the perennial glaciers of Monte Rosa, the second highest peak in Europe, has not changed so much since the Walser era.

Mass tourism is far from the mentality of Alagna: here, between the ancient woods of Walser houses, you can still feel the atmosphere of life in the past.


 Appartamenti Baita Walser Reale E Baite Rosa Ad Alagna Valsesia

Baita Walser Reale
Fraz. Reale Inferiore, 6
13021 Alagna Valsesia VC

Baite Rosa
Via Per In d'Ekku, 2
13021 Alagna Valsesia VC

+39 349.38.94.295 o +39 0163.91168